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A perfect nights sleep with organic cotton

Posted on 27 February 2018

A baby's skin is very delicate...

Far more delicate than an adults. It is far thinner and absorbent, making it much more susceptible to irritation and damage.

A way to help limit your baby's exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals is to buy organic cotton bedding. By doing so you will be limiting your baby's nighttime exposure to these synthetics.


baby organic cotton


Compared to conventional cotton farming, the organic cotton farming process is organic from beginning to end. All-natural processes are used to boost the yield of the crop, to regenerate the soil productivity and conserve biodiversity. There are many techniques used to deter pests, replenish topsoil fertility, and improve the ecosystem within the soil and around the crop. None of which include the use of pesticides or insecticides, which are significantly harmful toxins for farmers, consumers and entire wildlife eco-systems.

So, in a nutshell, why should you choose organic cotton?

#1 It is wonderfully soft.

#2 It reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions and is much kinder to eczema prone and sensitive skin.

#3 It lasts longer since cotton fibres are untreated and chemical free. This means that they don't break down as easily. As a result, they last longer and deteriorate far slower after continual washing and drying.



#4 It is more environmentally friendly and better for our future. With no pesticides and insecticides used, soil is healthier and as a result water resources are preserved. The impact on our environment is significantly lower than that of standard cotton.

Why not head over to our main website and take a look at our range of 100% organic cotton bedding for babies and children. Our Isla and Wilbur beautifully soft bed linen range is made from 100% organic cotton percale, woven to 300-thread count. The organic cotton has a wonderfully soft feel which gets even softer and softer after each wash. Our aim here is to aid a comfortable nights sleep for you and your baby or child.

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