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Baby Sleep Tips | from Junior Magazine

Posted on 22 November 2017

We were having a read of one of our favourite Baby and Child online publications, Junior Magazine recently, and came across a great article written by certified sleep consultant Emilie Caro.

Being parents to two toddler ourselves, we know first hand about the evening struggles to get children to bed. As well as a calm and cosy environment, including beds made in our beautiful organic Isla and Wilbur bedding, these tips are all well worth following. 

Emilie shared her 5 golden rules fro a successful children's bedtime routine and how to make bedtime calmer and easier for the whole family. Here they are...

1. Repeat the same bedtime routine (you can choose the order of events) so children learn to anticipate the lead up to bedtime.

2. If you have more than one child try to stagger their bedtimes by at least 15 minutes so you can focus on one child at a time. If children are sharing a room, the staggered bedtimes prevent them talking too much/disturbing each other before going to sleep. 

3. Screen time must stop at least 45 minutes before bedtime as the light generated can prevent the regular production of the sleep hormone. 

4. Try to get children used to looking at books/reading in bed from a very young age. As they get older this will form a routine and will become habit to read before going to sleep alone. 

5. Allow at least 5 days for any changes you might make to take effect; so keep going with an adapted routine for that time period before deciding whether it is effective or not.



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