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Swaddling | How to swaddle your baby

Posted on 08 May 2017

Having two children of our own in the Isla and Wilbur family, we are big fans of swaddling. A well-known and age-old technique, swaddling is said to help make a newborn baby feel secure and more calm, and ultimately lead to a better and longer nights sleep (for both of you hopefully).

Our Isla and Wilbur swaddles are made from 100% bamboo rayon. Our swaddles have a wonderfully soft feel against the skin and being made from a breathable material makes them perfect for swaddling your newborn baby.

As a helping hand, here is or step-by-step guide t swaddling your tiny bundle… 

Isla and Wilbur swaddle




Start by laying out your swaddle on the bed and fold down the top corner, making the swaddle into a triangle.






Place your baby on top/centre of the swaddle blanket, in line with just below their shoulders.






Fold one side of the swaddle over your baby’s chest (with its arm inside the blanket and comfortably bent alongside its body) and and wrap and tuck it in securely under its back. At this stage the baby’s other arm remains free.





Fold the bottom of the swaddle over your baby’s feet.


Then place your baby’s remaining free arm, again slightly bent, alongside its body and wrap the swaddle over its arm and chest, tucking it securely under its back.

 Wishing you and your newborn baby the sweetest of dreams.

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