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Awards - mumii UK

Posted on 03 September 2015

We wanted to share with you our latest success. We were the mumii UK Gold Winner of the Best Baby and Toddler Gear Award 2015. Our wonderfully soft swaddle blanket muslins were a big hit.

They can be bought singularly or in a triple pack and make the ideal present for any newborn baby or expecting mother. Featured is our best-selling Green Twin Lambs Swaddle below.


Here are what some reviewers thought of our Swaddles (taken from the mumii website):

  • Julia , London

    The fabric of the Isla and Wilbur swaddle blankets is nice on the skin, its made from bamboo and super soft. It washes very well and feels great. It's a classic big square, so best for parents who feel comfortable swaddling and tucking without the help of zips or velcro straps. We love that it can be used for lots of different things in the future, I already wore it as a scarf when surprised by a cold wind while out and about and to hide while breastfeeding. My baby loved being swaddled in it and she didn't get too hot in it. The size is good as it gives you room to tuck the baby in properly. In winter it might be a little on the thin side but you could always put a warmer sleep-suit on underneath. I love the design as well, it is cute but contemporary. The drawings of Isla and Wilbur are gorgeous and go well for boys or girls. I'd definitely recommend these big soft muslin swaddles and think they are a great present as well for any mum, specially if she isn't a fan of the babyblue/babypink designs that still seem to lead the choice on the market.

  • Hannah , Devon

    On first opening the Isla and Wilbur Bamboo swaddle I was immediately impressed and could instantly see this was a product of quality. The design was very cute as well as stylish which is rare with most baby related products. The material is beautifully super soft. We tested this product during a hot spell, and it kept my son very cool and comfortable. It also doubles as a lovely cool comforter, my son is now discovering his hands and particularly enjoys holding this muslin against his face, and grabbing the material, a great sensory product as well as a swaddle. The large size ensures a great swaddle. I'm a fairly proficient swaddler, however I can see how the first few attempts with a muslin could be tricky, and I did on occasion fail to swaddle tightly enough to avoid the odd escaped arm. But its well worth the practice,as once swaddled, baby is cool and comfortable and ready to sleep. All in all, I really love this product, although pricier than other similar products and slightly trickier to use, its a product which can be used as a swaddle, as a comforter, a light blanket and will evolve its use as baby grows and develops.

  • Candice , Northants

    The Isla & Wilbur Bamboo Swaddle is heavenly and you can't help but feel happy with the overall look and feel of this luxurious product. It is nice and light for the summer but so big it can be doubled pr even tripled up fr added warmth during those summer cold spells we are so known for in the UK. The design is subtle yet appeals to Mums with boys or girls feeling very gender neutral, making it a perfect gift for a Mum who doesn't know what she is having. It makes a great swaddle and is easy to use. I think its great value for money and in line with other luxury brands. Although I have never felt a swaddle quite like it. The only downfall is that the soft bamboo material easily snags which is quite upsetting. Besides that, I would highly recommend this swaddle to all the Mums I know and have to admit I have been showing it off when ever possible. My daughters name is also Isla so it makes it that extra little bit more special which is why I find myself choosing it over all my other swaddles. It is a little slice of heaven in a swaddle.

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